Strategic Plan

National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) aims to remain at the forefront of research for health by maintaining its competitive advantage in the key areas of biomedical sciences, social determinants of health and health systems and policy. NIMR’s vision, mission, strategies and metrics for success are articulated in this five year strategic plan, Advancing Health Research, Enhancing Life. By successfully implementing the strategies outlined in this plan, NIMR will achieve its vision of employing health research excellence to meet the national health challenges of today and tomorrow and to achieve health equity nation -wide. Our inspirational goal is to ensure health research impacts the country’s socioeconomic transformation through healthy people.

During the 2008-2013 period, the number of Research Centre has increased from 6 (Amani, Mwanza, Muhimbili, Tabora, Tanga and Tukuyu) to 8 following the Gazetting of Mbeya and Ngongongare as Research Centres in November 2010 (The Institute for Medical Research, Proclamation (Amendment) Order, 2010). Over the past 5 year,
The Institute has expanded in its scope to include several clinical trials in malaria, HIV and tuberculosis. New programmes have been added in its portfolio. We have witnessed the completion of Traditional Medicine Research and Development Laboratory at Mabibo area in Dar es Salaam. It is envisaged that the Laboratory cum factory will serve the country in testing and production of various herbal medicines. In addition, there has been improvement in terms of laboratory infrastructure including the construction of the Tabora Medical Laboratory, Mwanza Intervention Trial Unit and Mwanza Neglected Diseases Clinical Centre. Later, this year, NIMR will launch a Mobile Laboratory that will enhance the national capacity in detection of highly pathogenic infection in Tanzania.

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