Jane Ambindwile

Research Scientist, NIMR Mbeya Medical Research Centre
Jane Ambindwile was born on 16th June 1977 in Kilimanjaro. She was employed by NIMR - Mbeya Medical Research Centre in 2002 as an interviewer. In 2010 she attained her Diploma in social work at The Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Kigamboni Dar es salaam and becomes a social worker under TB Department. Jane’s accomplishment did not end there, she joined The Open University of Tanzania in October 2011 and awarded first degree in Sociology. This archievement made her to become a social Scientist under Vaccine Trial department, social science and community engagement department where she is involved in all community involvement research activities at NIMR-Mbeya Medical Research Centre and other activities related to study participants’ recruitment ,Retention and coordinating community advisory board (CAB) meetings. Apart from being a social scientist she also worked as a Regulatory officer within the vaccine trial department