NIMR Library

The National Institute for Medical Research runs three libraries at its Headquarters, Mwanza and Amani Centres. The Library at the Headquarters has a reading room with a capacity of 20 people equipped with internet services. It holds the main collection of human health (medicine) materials, publications and technical reports from researchers conducted in Tanzania and elsewhere. This Library contains a selection of old and recent publications on key issues relating to health research, health systems and services. The Library supports training in on-line literature search for its researchers and from other institutions in Tanzania.

The Library also provides services to the staff of National Malaria Control Programme of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, and those working in the neighbourhoods.

The Mwanza Library provides reference materials for research and education in hard text books, journals and research reports. A selection of international and local journals is available.  The research reports are available in the form annual reports dating back to early 1940s. Many of these reports have information on research carried out many years before the independence of Tanganyika and during the early years of the East Africa Community. Due t to the Centre’s historical research focus on schistosomiasis and other heliminths, the library has a huge collection literature on these diseases than any other library in the world. Currently the library is equipped with two computers for internet access and other online materials and journals. Mwanza Centre is now undertaking a major improvement to establish a modern electronic library. The revamped library will include all type of materials in all formats including hard text books, electronic books, video, audio and images. The electronic library will have easy-to-access electronic catalogue. It will also provide an e-learning facility for researchers and students who undergo Distance learning courses while at work at the centre.

The Amani Library is known best for a number of research materials on malaria and its vectors, onchocerciasis and its vectors, lymphatic filariasis and its vectors and schistosomiasis. The A selection of international and local journals is available.  Like the Mwanza Library, Amani Library is equipped with research reports are reports dating back to from the establishment of the Amani Malaria Unit in 1949. Library is equipped with study rooms and internet facilities.