Directorate of Finance, Human Resources and Planning

The Directorate plan, direct and control the financial accounting operations of the Institute; prepare and submit to the Director General reports on the working and audited accounts of the Institute. It is responsible for coordinating the preparation of budgets and assessment of the financial situation of the Institute. It coordinates human resource management and development, provides conducive working environment, good working tools, sourcing, retention and development of staff. The directorate advises on all matters pertaining to finance accounting, administration, personnel and supplies services and staff development. It is the responsibility of the directorate to evaluate the current progress of the Institute so as to provide fundamental feedback for the preparation of future programmes and budget.
The directorate provide advice and support services to other Directorates and Research Centres. The Directorate is responsible for infrastructure planning development and maintenance. Implementation of good finance practice (GFP) and transparency in finance management, reporting and accountability to ensure timely disbursement of funds to users and build confidence among development partners and other stakeholders. For the last 10 year, the Institute received clean audit reports from government, regional and international audit firms for its general annual and specific audits. This is an indication of established confidence and we can aim to sustain. The Directorate is made up of the following departments:

  1.  Human Resources
  2.  Accounts
  3. Planning