NIMR at 30

History, Development, Achievements
and Success Stories

Thirty years in the life of an institution is a major milestone. Like it is in the life of a human being 30 years signifies maturity and a turning point in one’s life. This publication is a description of these 30 years. It is about where we have been and what we have evolved into. The book examines the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) in four main parts. The first shows the rich history of the institute and most of its centres, which were established pre 1980 and were under the East African Medical Research Council. It also outlines the progress made by the institution in the last thirty years and focuses on both research, research capacity strengthening, research coordination and control and the administrative and financial structures related to managing research. It also covers NIMR expansion both in terms of infrastructure, human resources and research areas. NIMR has truly come a long way.

My hope is that this book will allow you to see NIMR as you have never seen it before. That is, you will see the institution, the people and their work and how all of this contributes to the overall health research and eventually impacts on socio-economic development.

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