Malaria vaccine RTS,S/AS01E

An epidemiology study to assess Plasmodium falciparumparasite prevalence and serological conversion rates in catchment areas of a Phase III trial of the candidate malaria vaccine RTS,S/AS01E in sub-Saharan Africa

Principal Investigator: John Lusingu
Co-investigators: Samwel Gesase, Method Segeja, Edwin Liheluka, Coline Mahende, Anangisye Malabeja, Omari Abdul, Martha Lemnge, Thor Theander, Chris Drakeley
Collaborating institutions: GSK, PATH-MVI, CMP and LSHTM.
Objective: To obtain longitudinal estimates of parasite rate (PR) in order to characterize in a standardized way malaria transmission intensity at different clinical trial centers participating in GSK’s pivotal Phase III candidate malaria vaccine trial in sub-Saharan Africa.
Study area: Korogwe and Handeni Districts, Tanga Region
Timeframe: 2011-2013
Budget: USD 43,093
FundingPATH-Malaria Vaccine Initiative (PATH-MVI)