Welcome to the website of the National Institute for Medical Research to learn more about our Institute. The Institute, which is the research arm of the Ministry responsible for health was founded in 1980 with 13 scientists and has now expanded to have a portfolio of over 100 scientists around Tanzania. NIMR endeavors to achieve research excellence in health research. Through our website, you will learn about our structure, research portfolio, and laboratory infrastructure.

One of our top priorities is to provide scientific evidence that will improve health outcomes and services to the Government of Tanzania and our stakeholders worldwide. As you will learn through our website NIMR has informed change in national and global guidelines and policies. As a national institution, NIMR has the role of providing the link between implementers and decision-makers for scaling up best practices of proven interventions and the take-up of new technologies.

When mentioning NIMR’s capacity I must emphasize the extensive capacity we have in clinical trials and the presence of accredited laboratories.  We have a center dedicated to vector research and experience in traditional medicine research.

NIMR is the national regulator for the conduct of health research in Tanzania therefore you will find information, guidelines, and forms for applications and information on this website.

Lastly, I invite you to collaborate with our scientists. With specialists in the areas of clinical, biomedical, pharmaceutical, public health, epidemiology, medical entomology, and medical anthropology to mention a few, you will not find a health-related field that we do not cover.

We do our best to update our website, however, should you require more information please contact us using the contacts listed. Thank you for visiting our website.