Call for short Course on HIV



The National Institute for Medical Research, Tanzania and The University of Sydney take pleasure in calling for expressions of interest for a ‘Short Intensive Professional Programme in HIV’ at The University of Sydney, Australia.

HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections present major public health challenges to both developing and developed countries, with millions of adults and children becoming infected and dying each year. The evolving epidemics have particularly affected resource-poor countries, leading to increased demand for both educational opportunities and research skills in these areas. Australia has been highly effective at introducing evidence-based prevention and treatment programs, resulting in one of the lowest national prevalence rates and amongst the longest median survival of infected individuals globally.

Sydney Medical School at The University of Sydney, delivers a wide range of postgraduate programs in the fields of HIV, STIs and Sexual Health. We would like to specifically bring your attention to a highly successful program titled the “Short Intensive Professional Program in HIV (SIPPH) -Global”.

SIPPH provides a unique opportunity for participants to engage in the reciprocal exchange of skills, ideas and opinions that are likely to contribute to significant improvements in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs from all participating countries.


The programme will run from 26th August to 18th November 2013 and entails various academic activities. It includes the following components:

i)  Intensive multidisciplinary training in the prevention and management of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections
ii) Visits to Centres of Excellence
iii) Leadership workshops
iv) Attendance at the Australasian HIV/AIDS Conference


Those who successfully complete the program are awarded the International Professional Certificate in HIV Infection (IPC-HIV) and a University of Sydney transcript documenting their successful completion of relevant enrolled units of study.


The Australian Leadership Awards Fellowships (ALAFs) is a fully funded programme administered by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID). The aim of the ALAF is to develop leadership, address priority regional development issues, and build partnerships and linkages between Australian organisations and partner organisations in developing countries. The goal of the ALAF is to develop appropriately trained current and aspiring leaders in priority areas, who, in the short to medium term, will be in a position to advance key regional policy objectives and increase institutional capacity of partner countries.

Sydney Medical School, The University of Sydney, in partnership with The National Institute for Medical Research, Tanzania, will be applying for a ALAF programme funding grant later this year. The proposed fellowship grant through the University of Sydney will fund SIPPH course tuition fees, Health Insurance Cover in Australia, international travel, and local accommodation. In addition, successful fellows will be entitled to a living allowance.


  • Not have Australian permanent residence status or be applying for permanent residency.
  • Be a citizen of, and residing in Tanzania
  • Have been working in Tanzania, employed by the organisation supporting their application and working in areas relevant to their training in Australia, prior to the date of the proposed commencement of their Fellowship
  • Be able to take up the nominated Fellowship Program at the time and for the duration proposed by the Australian organisation.
  • Nominations must be supported and certified by the Tanzanian organisations or institutions through a “Letter of Support’and a “return to work plan” (incorporated into the ALA Fellowships CV template) demonstrating the potential of nominated Fellows to assume leadership roles and influence policy reform and development outcomes when they return to their organisation in Tanzania.
  • Fellows must have an adequate level of English language ability to study a postgraduate course.


i)  Signed Curriculum Vitae (CV) in the template provided, which includes a “return to work plan”.

ii)  A support letter for the proposed Fellowships Program and for the nominated Fellows must be provided with the application from your organisation based on the template provided. This must be signed at senior level.

The above two documents are essential to participate in the programme.

Deadline for submission of application is October 18, 2012.
To apply to this course forward your application to the following email:
For further information about how to apply for this proposed programme, please contact:
Dr. Julius J Massaga
National Institute for Medical Research
2448 Ocean Road
PO Box 9653
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Telephone: +255 222121400
Mobile: +255784469007
E-mail: or
For any additional information about the proposed programme, please send an e-mail to:  Dr Michael Burke ( or Dr Shailendra Sawleshwarkar (
Download CV Template and Letter